For CCE Group’s recent outfit of the Galvin HOP Pub Deluxe in London, Gamble Foodservice Solutions supplied an Ovention Matchbox 360-12 oven.

The remodel of former Galvin’s Café a Vin foodservice facilities means the site now offers modern British fast food, complemented by a variety of international beers and wines.

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Part of the menu is a range of speciality hot dogs, which are served in brioche buns.

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For this, Essex-based dealer CCE Group specified a front of house, purpose built and self-contained hot dog workstation, which incorporates the Ovention oven.

The hot dogs are cooked fresh to order on the oven, which provides the capacity to cook up to eight dogs simultaneously in two and a half minutes. The oven is also used for cooking sausages, bacon and eggs for the breakfast service.

Pre-programmed cooking time and temperature are input via the Ovention oven’s touchpad, with food automatically loaded into the cooking chamber with a further tap of the touchpad.

The Ovention model uses impingement technology, said to deliver over twice the volume of hot air and better air concentration than conventional conveyor ovens.

Food is cooked in a closed cavity, minimising the escape of hot air, for reduced energy consumption. Multiple catalysts break down grease into moist hot air, which is used in the cooking process, for claimed improved quality and healthier product.

The catalysts and the fact that the chamber is only open whilst food is loaded or unloaded allow ventless cooking.

CCE Group’s MD, Ray Costelloe, said: “The Ovention oven is a true innovation in the hospitality sector and represents the sort of equipment that we are offering to our clients to improve foodservice efficiency and profitability.

“In addition to its operational advantages, the product does not need an extraction system, saving on kitchen installation costs and avoiding potential planning permission issues.”