Longevity seems to be the watchword for Chester-based distributor, C&C Catering Equipment.

Not only is the company as a whole celebrating its 35th year in business, but MD, Peter Kitchin, has passed the milestone of 20 years at the helm.

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With the firm being founded by Peter’s father John in August 1981, the second generation entered into the fold just 3 months later.

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“I’ve never done anything else,” said Kitchin. “I love it and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Not only that, the other director shareholders, sales director Peter Farrell and projects director Paul Parry, have had long tenures too, of 20 and 30 years respectively. Plus others in the company have provided their services for a similar amount of time.

So what is the key to this incredible staff retention rate? According to Kitchin: “I think we’re fair with everyone, and we are very much family-oriented.

“We have got really good people – they work hard and they are so dedicated. We always say: cut them in half and it would say C&C!”

The family ethos comes right from the top, as the third generation of Kitchins is now being guided through the business.