Catertherm has announced the launch of a new refrigerated display frame, which it claims is a “real winner” in terms of increasing room wine and champagne sales.

The display frame is wall mounted and aims to be exciting and eye catching, according to the manufacturer. It claims that the chiller gives hotel rooms a good addition to an under counter fridge.

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Tom Cobb from Catertherm said the equipment was a good option for dealers selling into the hotel sector. He said: “Why not put one of these frames in the best room in the hotel to tempt your guests into an irresistible glass of chilled champagne when they arrive? Or why not put one in every room to increase in room wine and champagne sales?”

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Catertherm said the unit can be controlled down to 4oC and up in 1oC increments to 20oC, making it ideal for storing white wine, champagne and even red wine.

It has a 240v power supply, and can be hardwired or plugged into a 13A socket.

The frame comes in different sizes with the capacity of up to five bottles and two glasses.