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CaterQuotes, the web-based estimating programme for the catering equipment industry, is developing an application that will allow dealers and consultants to create quotations directly from CAD drawings.

A full version of the tool could be available from as early as February next year and would reduce some of the complexities that dealers currently face when attempting to turn designs into quotations.

“There are already some products on the market that do generation of quotes from drawings, but they tend to be very cumbersome — you can’t add in bespoke items and that type of thing,” said CaterQuotes managing director, Stuart Campbell. “We have been working with a lot of dealers over here to tailor this product to the market place.”

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CaterQuotes’ AutoCAD application will recognise a ‘block’ — or item of equipment — that a designer inserts into a drawing and immediately generate a quotation from it.

“It will make their lives so much easier because what they would normally do after finishing a drawing is print it off and give it to the estimating department who would sit down and work through the items. With this, they will do the drawing and then estimating will pick it up and basically create a quote instantly. It is going to save a lot of time.”

Dealers will be able to use the tool from as little as £1 per user a day, with special bundle packages available for multiple users.

Through its web-based electronic catalogue and estimating programme, CaterQuotes offers dealers which are generating quotes access to more than half a million products from 500 manufacturers.

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