Catering Insight has published its second annual Power List supplement, which distils the 50 top movers and shakers of distributor representatives over the past 12 months into one comprehensive list.

This has been a tough process and there was much anguishing about who out of the nominations that flooded in from you should be included in the final 50.

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We eventually decided that to keep it as fair as possible and to give everyone a chance to shine, we would not enter anyone in the 2016 list who was named in last year’s supplement.

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This was particularly difficult as there were such strong entries for some of those who featured last year and have gone on to even more success over the past 12 months, but all I can say is: there’s always next year!

Furthermore, to ensure that the breadth of the industry has been covered in the extensive compendium, we also instituted the rule that there couldn’t be more than two entries from each dealer.

Once more, this gave us some tough decisions to make, and there are a fair few very worthy candidates who missed out.

But what I can say is that the 2016 Power List truly does represent the cream of the distributor sector over the past 12 months.

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The gallery of all 50 representatives included in the Power List will shortly appear on the dedicated microsite here.

Plus all 50 stars will be profiled over the coming months on the Catering Insight e-newsletter.

Congratulations to all winners, commisserations to those who didn’t make the cut this year, and here’s to another 12 months of catering equipment industry excellence!