The green agenda is amongst the top priorities of many a commercial kitchen project, and the Catering Insight Supplier Sustainability award highlights those catering equipment manufacturers and suppliers which are championing environmental product development and energy efficient products.

Therefore the shortlist is:

The introduction of MEPS has driven Adande to create some of the most energy-friendly refrigeration in the world. Its A+ Fridge benefits from ‘Hold the Cold’ technology and low-velocity cooling, offering temperature stability and cutting food wastage by minimising dehydration and condensation. Compared to its standard VCS/VCR R600a in Chiller mode, the A+ Fridge boasts an energy saving of 23%. It has also launched a specialist testing facility in Lowestoft.

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Brita Professional
Brita Professional prides itself on providing distributors and customers with 100% recyclable water filters, such as Purity Steam, and a recycling and collection service. 1.6m used filter cartridges from the UK have been recycled at its purpose-built facility in Germany in the past year, an increase of 200,000 filter cartridges diverted from landfill. Dealers have been provided with comprehensive pre- and post-sales service to increase awareness and education about water treatment best practice.

Gram’s commitment to sustainability cannot be doubted, as it has continued its series of Go Green debates to educate the industry about energy efficiency, particularly in its own refrigeration sphere. It has also commissioned the 2016 Gram Green Paper, researching the latest attitudes towards sustainability across the foodservice sector. Furthermore, this year it added four new ‘eco’ models to its freezer chest range, said to save up to 46% of energy, among other green product developments.

Induced Energy
British induction hob supplier, Induced Energy, showed its green credentials this year by being the only induction manufacturer to be approved as a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) as a ‘food made good’ listed supplier. The SRA is a not-for profit organisation created a framework to simplify sustainability for the industry. Induced Energy reported it had to go through a rigorous approval process to gain the label and was proud of the recognition for its energy efficiency.

Synergy Grill
All Synergy Grill models have been enhanced with Hot Surface Ignition, which combined with the company’s flame-rectification technology, is a more robust and reliable ignition method that requires no cleaning. The igniter turns into a flame-sensing probe providing full flame detection without the need of thermocouples, which break an average of 5-6 times per year. And as fat is atomised during the cooking process, there’s no fat tray to clean, meaning users don’t face any FOG disposal issues.

The electronic vote to choose the winner will open on Monday 31 October, when senior distributor representatives will receive an e-mail invite to participate.

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