One online dealer is encouraging catering equipment manufacturers to enlist their companies in the recently-launched Google Manufacturer Centre.

This tool enables any manufacturers to pass better and more accurate product information to Google so that their goods can be more precisely reflected on the search engine’s results for, Google Shopping, and other Google services.

Therefore Graham Sowerby, marketing director at web-based dealer, Catering Appliance Superstore, feels that this is something that manufacturers need to take note of.

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“It would be nice if catering equipment manufacturers were to be early adopters of such important Google tools,” he said. “It may help the industry lose the ‘old fashioned’, ‘behind the times’ image that it is commonly perceived as having.

“If I were a manufacturer I would want my products to be represented correctly; this is a way they can control that online.”

CESA chair, Simon Frost, took a look at the new capability and advised manufacturers: “At the moment the Google Manufacturer Centre seems more consumer-focused, but what happens today in the consumer market is likely to happen tomorrow in B2B. This is part of the same agenda: the internet of things, big data and industry 4.0.

“CESA is heavily involved with initiatives such as CESABIM. We have to embrace change, and anything that enhances communication of information from the manufacturer to the buyer, and enables a more informed choice, should be welcomed.”

However, he added: “On the other hand, pre- and post-service are critical in B2B sales.

“Operators need to weigh up their options before selecting which product will suit their operation – for that, there’s no substitute to talking to the experts.”