Catering equipment firms are beginning to reignite their staff recruitment plans again following the initial shock of the summer’s Brexit vote, according to a leading industry recruiter.

Cavendish Maine said there are “very positive signs” that business is back to normal for catering equipment firms following a dip in sales in the wake of the EU referendum – and this in turn has led companies to think about hiring again.

In an email update to the market, principal consultant Craig Tindall, wrote: “What we are seeing is that after the original measures adopted by many companies of keeping a ‘watching brief’ it has now resulted in almost all our clients sticking to planed growth and recruitment, building up teams, expanding and taking a positive view on what the future holds.”

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Articles in the mainstream showing growth in the services sector, particularly restaurants and hotels, was also welcome news for the industry, Mr Tindall said.

Reflecting on what a ‘good candidate’ in the catering equipment industry looks like at the moment, he wrote: “The overriding trend would appear to be strong sales people with a good blend of ‘hunter’ and ‘farmer’ attributes that can maximise existing relationships, but who are unafraid of exploring avenues in ‘new markets’ and winning business through diversifying.

“In many cases, sector experience seems to win out over product knowledge so the successful candidates are appearing both from within the commercial catering equipment industry as well as relevant allied sectors,” he added.