Catering equipment consignments jammed up by paperwork and transport hikes

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Catering equipment suppliers are reporting “triple increases” in transport costs due to logjams in Brexit paperwork.  

The Foodservice Equipment Association said today that shipping some appliances will become economically unviable unless the situation eases.

One member told it that it would have cost £85 to ship a single unit, valued at £600 – making the transaction unviable.

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Typically the extra cost is £100 per load, whether for single or multiple pallets. Then there are commodity codes – the first three are free, then they cost £7.50 each.

The nature of foodservice equipment means a single load might have 25 different products – which is another £165 to pay.

Meanwhile the inevitable bottlenecks and logjams are causing businesses even more problems, with stock held up in distribution hubs and at borders.

“It’s to be hoped that as things settle down, crossing the borders will speed up,” said Keith Warren, chief executive of FEA. “However, even if it does, those extra shipping costs are a big concern. They are yet another blow to the foodservice equipment industry.”

The problems are even more acute when it comes to Northern Ireland, where the complexities of the paperwork can be mind-numbingly convoluted, time-consuming and expensive.

“We’ve heard of hauliers holding back from accepting foodservice equipment shipments, because they can’t deliver them, due to the backlogs,” says Warren.

A FEA member reported that before Brexit, they simply called up the haulier and were given a pick-up and delivery date. Now they have to fill in customs forms and supply them for pre-checking, before they get a date.

And two of the three companies they use won’t accept orders at the moment, as there’s no room in the distribution hubs, which are full of goods destined for the UK but without clearance.

In addition, lead times from outside the EU have increased – those from China have risen from 2-4 weeks to up to 12 weeks. A shortage of stainless steel is also adding pressure to the situation.

Mr Warren said he hoped the government would step in and provide more support for manufacturers, importers, dealers and design houses than it has up to now.

“Credit ratings are being downgraded everywhere, credit insurance is becoming more difficult to get, and despite concerted lobbying by FEA and many other groups, such as UK Hospitality, the government is still not giving the supply chain the support it needs,” says Warren.  “It’s a situation that must be addressed immediately, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.”

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  1. Hmmm “….it’s likely to get worse before it gets better” – one of Michael Fish’s favourite phrases. As was ” Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC and said she’d heard there was a hurricane on the way. Well, if you’re watching, don’t worry, there isn’t!” Boris assured us we have a great deal but I wonder how destructive the Brexit trade ‘hurricane’ will ultimately turn out to be. We’re currently trying to get an oven into the country – it was ordered in mid-December, we don’t have a delivery date. I’m now being presented with forms direct from freight-forwarders, giving out EORI numbers and needing to set up CRA’s. We can only hope it’s a short-term mess – dealing with COVID is hard enough! The next time someone shouts ‘national referendum’ in the Government, please put them in a straitjacket……

  2. I have just had a shipment of dishwashers come in from Italy (delivered Tuesday) with no problems at all. I have also shipped a wash pump to Limerick in Eire (Wednesday) again very straighjt forward. Northern Ireland I have yet to do so fingers crossed that all the negative stories of importing and exporting are just doom mongers or Remoaners.

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