Web-based dealer Catering Appliance Superstore has introduced a new product configurator facility which is designed to enable end users to find products quickly and easily. 

Graham Sowerby, marketing director of Catering Appliance Superstore said: “This is a step beyond the typical brochure style online store where customers have to trawl through a long list of products.

“Instead, our facility guides them through a few questions about optional extras and accessories which quickly identifies the product they want.”

The first product configurator is for the Lincat Panther Hot Cupboard. Users should be able to specify whether they require a plain or bain marie top without having to browse through a long list.

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Sowerby added: “We’re planning to release more configurators for other product types in the coming weeks.”

These will include for Parry tables and Lincat combi ovens.

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