Due to a company expansion, Caterfix is in the process of moving to new premises in Peterborough just down the road from its previous building.

The dealer will now be situated in the city’s Eastern Industrial Estate, on a site taking up 10,000ft2.

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The new location consists of a two story building with two kitchens, numerous offices and a large warehouse.

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The warehouse will exhibit both new and used catering equipment in one space for Caterfix’s customers, plus there will be a larger space for its engineers to be able to work on repairs and maintenance of equipment.

Offices are set up for the sales, accounts and marketing departments – this includes a new reception area.

The new space also holds a bigger and better showroom which will exhibit tableware, front of house equipment and restaurant essentials including knife sets, chopping board sets, catering uniforms and more.

The upstairs showroom will also host Caterfix’s regular Rational live cooking demonstrations.

The new premises will have all staff under one roof, aimed at allowing easier customer support, as everyone needed will be in one location, whereas previously they were spread across two buildings.

Caterfix specialises in selling a variety of new and used catering equipment both front and back house, ranging from tableware and sets of cutlery to combination ovens and full coldrooms.

With MD David Iacono and his team, Caterfix is able to offer services in maintenance, repairs, marketing and sales to all food outlets from small cafes and pubs to large chain restaurants and hotels.