Carpigiani turns ice cream making into an art


Ali Group brand Carpigiani has unveiled the Mister Art continuous artisanal ice cream production machine. The unit can produce gelatos, sorbets, pastry creams, semifreddos and ice cream cakes.

Making use of a pasteurising tank and a cylindrical batch freezer below, the machine is able to combine the work usually undertaken by two machines into one appliance. Preparing mixes in the pasteurising tank, the digital display alerts the operator as to when to add natural ingredients such as fresh milk, cream, sugar and eggs.

Once the mix has been prepared, the Mister Art is able to deliver a continuous flow of gelato, transferring equal amounts of fresh mix from the pasteuriser into the cylinder below to counter the finished product being extracted.

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Equipped with various nozzles in a range of different shapes and sizes, chefs can fill cannoli, cups, tarts and other pastries with precise portions. Using high-overrun gelato, these desserts should be able to maintain their softness and taste for longer periods of time.

The pre-set options on the display allows the Mister Art to vary the temperature of the mix in the pasteurising tank, while the optional hose and portioning pistol can fill cake moulds or the moulds used to create gelato on a stick. Using the freezing programme designed for producing partially crystallised gelato with a high overrun, gelato flows through the host to fill wide cake forms or small stick moulds, maintaining form to allow for portioning and cutting ice cream cakes.

Scott Duncan, sales director at Carpigiani UK commented: “The new Mister Art offers simple, guided production instructions, a host of different nozzles and hoses for varying requirements and the benefit of having a pasteurising tank and batch freezing cylinder in one, compact unit.”

The unit can produce 10-20kg of gelato per hour, while self-sanitisation cycles and the optional extra sprayer with spiral hose attaches to the coupling on the machine to aid quick and efficient cleaning in between production runs.

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