Cambro paints it black for high heat pans

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The Cambro H-Pan evenly distributes heat from a holding unit.

Cambro’s H-Pan High Heat food pans are now available in black alongside the existing amber colour.

Designed for use in microwaves, steam tables and ovens, they are said to be functional and enhance merchandising, particularly for deli and service lines.

These pans are an alternative to stainless steel, being temperature resistant from -40°C to 190°C, scratch resistant and hard wearing. They can go from prep, to cooler, to oven to hot holding applications, so food does not need to be transferred from one pan to another, which should reduce the risk of cross contamination.

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The design evenly distributes heat from the holding unit through the pan directly into the food, which could eliminate hot and cold spots.

The High Heat Pans are claimed to retain their shape and not bend or warp, which creates more contact area with steam tables or other hot holding equipment. Traditional metal pans get bent with use, allowing steam and heat to escape, driving up energy costs and putting food temperatures at risk. Moulded in graduations in metric and standard measures allow for easy inventory.

The Cambro pans’ non-stick interior surface should increase yield. They are dishwasher safe, stackable and, with a uniform 1.27cm flange, fit all major manufacturers’ hot holding bins, food wells, steam tables and holding ovens. They are available in a range of sizes from full Gastronorm downwards.

Luke Carman, sales manager UK and Ireland for Cambro UK said: “These pans are superbly practical. They are lightweight yet sturdy, and look brilliant in food displays.”

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