Cambro UK believes it is the first foodservice equipment manufacturer to launch a foolproof method of eliminating cross contamination risks within food storage.

This is in the form of its latest line of raw meat and raw fish colour-coded polycarbonate gastronorm food pans.

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Currently on trial with three UK national QSR’s and pub groups, Cambro’s pans are said to help the fight against cross contamination by easily identifying the correct storage pan for raw meat and raw fish.

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The rest of the range is due to arrive late in 2016 and will include cooked meat, salad and fruit, vegetables, bakery and dairy, all in the widely recognised international food safety colours.

Cambro UK’s national accounts manager, Brian Lavelle, commented: “With food safety on the top of everyone’s list, this added layer of security from Cambro will help keep customers safe and will revolutionise the way chefs, KPs , waiters and owners all adapt to the ever growing complexities of foodservice regulations here in the UK.

“While we may not be food experts, we are experts in how our products support food safety and we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to this issue.”