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Made in Britain Fracino’s Romano crop
Made in Britain: Fracino’s Romano provides a bespoke finish and individuality for hospitality venues.

Peter Atmore, head of global sales at Fracino, reveals why he feels it is beneficial for dealers to look to source a local manufacturer for coffee machines:

Our industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth in the range of beverage equipment available – which means that selecting the right espresso machine has never been more important.

To guarantee repeat business, caterers are advised to ensure consistency of quality and presentation by investing in a premium espresso machine model that is manufactured in the UK.

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As the UK’s only manufacturer of traditional espresso machines, the three key criteria we always apply when advising dealers is to ensure the machine is reliable, ‘fit for purpose’ – and fits comfortably in the available space.

For example, venues with no immediate access to a mains water supply will require a machine with an integral water reservoir while busier sites would need a two, three or even a four group machine with a large capacity boiler and powerful heating elements to ensure excellent performance.

We always stress that the standard of the equipment and its technical enhancements have a substantial impact on the quality of the beverage produced.

For instance, the clever technology of our Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) machine ‘learns’ from specific usages like incoming water temperature and pressure, atmospheric pressure, surrounding temperature and other variables. The final settings are then adjusted to ensure every drink is identical to the previous ones. Digital screen technology, monitoring drink temperatures, extraction times and other data are included in different model specifications.

Dependability of the equipment is also vital and includes reliability, ease of repair and access to support and parts if anything does go wrong. It also takes in low maintenance costs and durability for a long service life.

We recommend caterers check the machine has key functions including a powerful boiler (large capacity for busy venues), electronic control of the espresso shot volumes, group cleaning cycle and easy clean steam tubes – as well as language options for today’s multi-cultural society.

Whatever level of investment caterers make, beverage equipment should be maximised with a robust and consistent service and maintenance programme. Daily cleaning includes taking a few minutes to backflush the group heads and clean the steam tubes.

Purchasing machines which are easy to use by operators – and aligned with the level of expertise of the operators is likewise important – all of which reinforces the case for British manufacturing.

Increasingly discerning consumers will not accept sub-standard coffee – so delivering a consistently good drink quality and experience is vital for both customer retention and caterer’s profit margins.

A champion of British manufacturing, Fracino operates one of the world’s most advanced and efficient espresso equipment manufacturing facilities and fabricates the majority of components in-house.

A proud member of Made in Britain (where I’m a board member), every machine which leaves our factory displays the Made in Britain marque. We’re seeing and hearing time and again how this marque is highly respected and coveted worldwide.

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