Brita Professional has helped to raise over £4,000 for charitable initiative Project Waterfall by keeping visitors hydrated at this year’s London Coffee Festival.

To raise the funds, Brita worked with Project Waterfall to set up “hydration stations” where festival goers could rehydrate themselves with filtered water.

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For each cup or bottle filled, a donation was requested for the cause.

BRITA is a long-term supporter of charitable initiative Project Waterfall, which provides coffee growing communities with safe water and sanitation.

The money raised at the festival could help to change lives in the Toke Kutaye and Chelia districts of Ethiopia by providing clean water.

Miles Dawson, sales director, Brita Professional commented: “Thanks to everyone who supported Project Waterfall at this year’s London Coffee Festival – the money raised goes straight to funding vital projects in areas desperately in need of clean water.

“We take safe water, sanitation and even our daily cup of coffee for granted.

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“But at the heart of our nation’s coffee habit are thousands of coffee farmers in developing countries that don’t have access to the same basic human rights. Supporting these coffee growing communities is so important to our industry.”

Since Brita’s partnership with Project Waterfall began in 2015, the water filter specialist has raised over £40,000 for the cause by donating for every filter sold.