BREAKING NEWS: Hendi to close UK base

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Hendi customers can still contact the UK office for another month during a transition period while operations are transferred back to the Netherlands.

Dutch foodservice equipment supplier Hendi is to move its UK operation back to the Netherlands.

However, it said that customers who wish to continue buying its products will still be able to do so by dealing directly with its central warehouse and distribution facility in Rhenen, south east of Amsterdam.

Citing uncertainty caused during the Brexit delay as the reason for its decision, the company said that Hendi UK, the business that it started in January 2018, is no longer accepting orders. This ceased at 5:30pm on Monday 27 January 2020.

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Hendi UK MD Alex Shannon said: “In view of the global market, and the uncertain economic conditions created by Brexit, myself and the board of Hendi have agreed to pass the UK distribution back to our parent company in the Netherlands.”

Shannon went on to say that he hoped to keep any job losses to a minimum, that all warranty and service commitments would be honoured, and that there would be a one month transition period during which time its customers can still contact Hendi UK where staff will be on hand to assist with any queries.

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  1. This is a great shame, it appeared that Hendi was moving forward in the UK and getting to where it needed to be. That having been said I am a bit sick and tired of Brexit being trotted out as a standard excuse for everything at the moment, there is no way that Hendi should have closed its UK business and blamed Brexit – that is just lazy. There have been many things wrong with the operation that Hendi set up, what it needed to do was address these head on and try to take some of the Nisbets / Uropa business, it was there for the taking and once again we see a failure down to a lack of focus.

    1. Ever thought that Brexit isn’t an excuse but reality. Every single forecast saw this coming, every single piece of evidence showed the country would be worse off. People voted passed on lies & hope , not facts & logic.. only a hand full of business ever seem to support it.

      Things will only get worse , that pains me to say but brexit will be a common issue over the coming years and the only conclusion I can come up with is people want to be lied to by people that are known to lie, same things happened in the US with trump.

      Going forward the best we can hope for is to minimise the damage the Torys and Brexit will do.

      It’s a shame as I rather liked Hendi

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