BREAKING NEWS: CEDA and Cedabond unveil industry-wide CSR social enterprise

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CEDA and Cedabond’s Together We Will initiative will initially focus on health and wellbeing.

CEDA and Cedabond have together launched Together We Will, a social enterprise dedicated to corporate social responsibility in the UK catering equipment supply chain.

Both trade organisations have emphasised that the new initiative’s resources will be available to everyone, no matter their affiliation.

Together We Will’s initial focus will be mental health management and health and wellbeing in general, and will encompass offering events and training.

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CEDA director general Adam Mason explained: “When CEDA and Cedabond announced our joint-venture last year, one of the primary goals was to create an independent, industry-wide social enterprise that could focus on the development of corporate social responsibility initiatives for the betterment of the entire industry.

“Areas that are bigger and more important than any affiliation with any organisation should be addressed by the industry and for the industry.

“Work has been undertaken over the last several weeks to plan the launch but we have moved more quickly in recent days to put in place actions for our first area of focus – health and wellbeing.”

The social enterprise has drawn up a list of immediate, short- and medium-term actions with regards to the initial focus on health and wellbeing to accomplish the overall objectives of: raising awareness, tackling stigmas, education and support services.

To begin with, this will include a series of webinars, access to training courses, the creation of networking groups for business leaders or owners and the development of direct action resources.

Mason said: “We are very conscious that we don’t have all the answers, but are engaging professionals that do and will also involve the many people that offered their support to date, in order to then best develop what we deliver on the topic.”

The overall and long-term objectives of Together We Will are to address challenges such as: environmental sustainability, equality, diversity and inclusion and others, as well as health and well-being, to help deliver support and solutions for businesses and people across the industry.

Mason underlined: “The issues that we are seeking to address are much bigger than any affiliation. They will need involvement and engagement with the whole industry in order to deliver the right solutions.

“Any person or organisation in the industry that wants to be a part of the conversations and ultimately the actions that are taken is absolutely welcome.”

He concluded: “The aims and objectives are really quite simple – focus on big challenges that are affecting every business and every individual in our industry, start and continue conversations, then deliver the necessary support and solutions.

“We are in the process of setting up the business as a social enterprise that will be governed and operated independently.”

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Clare Nicholls

The author Clare Nicholls


  1. Hats of to everyone involved, both I and Team Falcon are here to offer any help or support you may need.

  2. Mark and Adam,
    Great initiative.
    Please let me know if we can be of any help to you.
    Good luck with establishing it across the industry
    Very Best Regards

  3. I am pretty certain there will be fantastic response to this as this touches on issues many of us have dealt with personally or we know someone that has gone through very difficult periods in there lives- 100% behind this and will be happy to get involved if possible.

  4. Great job raising awareness, we all fight demons
    No matter how big or small. We live in a challenging
    World and this year has been extremely difficult.
    Well done to all involved.

  5. Gents – Never a good time as its so raw and a heartfelt topic currently, But its needed to hit ‘head on’ so thankyou.. Would really like to see this ‘de-branded ‘ from the off to ensure no barriers of our industry as we wouldn’t want someone not reaching out just because they felt it was association linked and with such headline that doesn’t come across as such.. I really do hope that our other industry associations and media channels support this such a worthy cause.. I can support in anywa.y please let me know.

    1. Hi Wayne, just to touch on the headline point there. This was something we debated, but in the end we opted to include the organisations’ names at first so that people could see it was recognised entities behind the initiative. Going forwards we’ll be leading with ‘Together We Will’ as the social enterprise’s brand gains recognition – standby for a story exactly like that today.

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