Bonzer guides users in can opener sanitisation

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Users can place Bonzer’s new hanging card with sanitisation instructions round the base of the can opener.

Light catering equipment specialist and UK manufacturer, Mitchell & Cooper, has created a ‘Hanging card’ and ‘Can Opener Wall Guide’ to help operators follow the correct procedure for maintaining and sanitising commercial can openers.

As with any kitchen equipment, if not regularly cleaned and maintained, table-top can openers can be a potential trap for dirt and bacteria. However, frequently changing and cleaning the removable parts is said to help eradicate any trapped food which can encourage bacterial growth.

Therefore Mitchell & Cooper has released a hanging reminder that can be placed around the base of the can Bonzer opener which demonstrates the best methods to sanitise the equipment.

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From wheel fitting to blade replacement, the new guides take Bonzer users through step-by-step diagrams including installation, top tips and troubleshooting.

Guy Cooper, MD of Mitchell & Cooper commented: “On many cheaper models of table-top can openers, it is difficult for users to reach or remove key components such as the blades, wheels and gears that are in direct contact with the contents of the can. This means cleaning may not be carried out to a sufficiently high standard to help eliminate potentially harmful bacteria.

“All Bonzer can openers however, have removable blade carriers which allow the user to remove this part for thorough and easy cleaning either by hand or within a dishwasher.

“Bonzer ‘Eaziclean’ models feature patented quick release blade carriers for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. Similarly, ‘Eaziclean’ NSF certified versions have quick release blade carriers plus stainless-steel blades, removable without tools, and are dishwasher safe.

“Mitchell and Cooper is regularly audited by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) to make sure the product complies with food safety regulations.”

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  1. Excellent idea.
    Is there a flyer or get hold of one of these hanging cards to send to our clients as a reminder.
    Also to add to our quotes when we submit as a reminder.

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