Alex Giacchetti, MD of waste treatment system manufacturer, BioHiTech Europe, details how the new arm of the American-headquartered firm will transform the UK food waste digester market:

For more than 100 years, food waste has been a subject of considerable concern across the UK.

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With the hospitality and foodservice industry alone producing close to 3.5m tons of food waste, of which almost 2m tons ends up in landfill, we can very quickly see why it has become a priority that has drawn significant attention, including that of the government.

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From individuals to businesses, food waste is an issue that affects everyone. When food waste is disposed of in landfill it releases damaging greenhouse gases and leachate, a toxin capable of considerable groundwater pollution.

There is growing evidence to support that, unless further steps are taken to detoxify landfill sites and even eliminate the use of them altogether, an unfair burden will be placed on future generations to address their detrimental impact on the environment.

Climate change is a very serious subject and in order for the UK to meet international targets on climate change, by lowering greenhouse gas and diesel emissions, and meeting obligations under the European Landfill Directive to reduce biodegradable waste going to landfill, the industry will need accurate information on waste and food waste in particular.

This data is vital in helping government and environmental agencies implement the efficiencies required to drive significant change.