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Catering Insight has investigated the latest technology available in the water boiler sector and the features that make each appliance unique, as well as the elements that dealers should be emphasising when presenting the boilers as options to end users:

Lincat FilterFlow MF range

Hot off the presses is Lincat’s launch of the FilterFlow 10-litre MF water boiler, which became available in mid-June.
The M10F is the latest addition to the new MF budget range of wall-mounted water boilers. Already available in 3, 5 and 7.5-litre sizes, the M3F, M5F, M7F water boilers sit alongside the existing FilterFlow glass-fronted, wall-mounted models. They are designed to provide end users with a quality, UK-manufactured product at a competitive price.

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Helen Applewhite, marketing manager at Lincat, commented: “Often operators look to overseas manufacturers for budget catering equipment, which is why we wanted to create a robust, British-engineered quality water boiler at a competitive price.

“The MF range is unique as it combines FilterFlow’s most popular, must-have features with UK manufacturing – all at a budget price.”

For ease of installation, the boilers come with a UK three pin plug and are fixed to the wall with three screws, meaning they can be installed without the need for an electrician.

MF water boilers are connected to mains water supply and deliver instant, continuous boiling water around the clock. Each compact model has a built-in water filtration system, complete with FilterFlow’s popular high-volume cartridge that is designed to be easy to change.

Water temperature can be adjusted for different drinks (from 70°C to 96°C) and monitored using FilterFlow’s precise electronic temperature control system. Insulated tanks should ensure energy is conserved, whilst maintenance is made simple with an LCD information panel and enhanced multi-level diagnostics.


Marco Beverage Systems Friia range

Marco Beverage Systems’ latest innovation is a range called Friia, which is a hot, cold and sparkling water system. Friia is available in two variants: hot/cold or hot/cold/sparkling and two separate sizes.

Marco marketing manager Gemma Kiernan commented: “Friia is the most stylish hot, cold, sparkling water system available. With a sleek countertop font the system takes up minimal counter space and has a premium brushed-metal finish. The system is also up to 23% more energy-efficient than leading competitors.”

For dealers who would like to specify the appliance, the manufacturer recommends emphasising to end users the beverage choice available, as with Friia delivering hot, cold or sparkling water, this allows users to make a range of drinks from tea, sparkling fruit drinks and lemonade.

As well as the claimed energy saving, Marco believes the system is easy to install, service and use, as well as being “the most stylish system available on the market”.


Burco Autofill range

At Burco, which since 2017 has been part of the Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation business, it has recently launched a new range of autofill water boilers consisting of ten products in total. The range spans filtered and unfiltered units with both counter top and wall mounted options, and a twin tap model.

According to Burco senior product marketing manager Lee Stones: “This range has a brand new aesthetic, with a sleek black polycarbonate front on the filtered range and a new, modern, stainless steel design for the unfiltered range. This focus on design ensures the boilers will fit in effortlessly with any interior aesthetic, while the wall mountable units offer savings on valuable counter top space.”

With the introduction of advanced electronic controls on the filtered units, the water temperature can easily be adjusted between 98°C and 70°C, making the boiler suitable for creating a wide range of hot beverages including speciality teas. The range also features a smart Eco-mode which can help reduce energy consumption and keep running costs down.

Stones added: “The aesthetic design of these new Autofill models ensures a seamless integration with premium café styling. They have been developed to be simple to install and all models feature a powerful heating element that heats water rapidly with a high hourly output.”

The water filter in both counter top and wall mounted boilers is said to offer better tasting beverages and reduce limescale build up, making the new Autofill range suitable for both hard and soft water areas.

The filtered models also feature a diagnostic system that will alert users to when filter cartridges need replacing, as well as when to check for repairs and limescale build-up, and the easy access tank allows for simple descaling and cleaning.


Uropa Brands Buffalo range

The Buffalo range of water boilers is sold in the UK through Uropa Brands, itself a division of the mammoth Nisbets group. The company supplies both Manual Fill and Auto Fill water boilers in various sizes under the Buffalo brand.

John Macmillan, appliances buyer at Buffalo said: “The traditional Manual Fill boilers are a perfect solution for outlets that do not have the access to fully plumb in the boiler for example, mobile caterers, B&Bs, and village halls.

“We have manual boilers to suit a variety of operator needs, ranging from a volume capacity of 10litres to 40litres, providing versatile water boiler solutions for all occasions. The Auto Fill machines from Buffalo have a higher output, making them ideal for front of house use in restaurants, cafes and other casual dining outlets.”

The Auto Fill boilers are British manufactured, and are available with and without filtration to suit hard and soft water areas. Plus the Auto Fill has built-in precise temperature control which can adjust water temperature from 70 to 96°C to suit a variety of requirements.

Macmillan underlined: “With both the Auto Fill and Manual Fill boilers, reliability and versatility are guaranteed. Auto Fill boilers are manufactured with a robust build quality, making both the filtered and non-filtered options a cost effective long-term investment.”

When asked what he would encourage dealers to emphasise to end users, he responded: “Key points to consider when recommending these products are precise temperature control, the fast heat up time (30 minutes) and the ability to rapidly draw off 10 litres of water when the operator needs.”



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