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All Claris filter cartridges, supplied via Aqua Cure, fit the same filter head.

Everyone likes to think their products are unique, and water filter suppliers are no different. But is this really the case, and if so, how are they working with distributors to educate them on the benefits?

For Aqua Cure, it believes the Pentair Everpure range of water filters and reverse osmosis (RO) systems use ‘world leading’ technology to achieve high filtration performance. The supplier’s marketing manager Richard Stephenson said: “The Pentair Everpure Claris Prime filter for example uses unique water conditioning technology to reduce chloride and sulphate content in machine feed water. High chloride and sulphate levels in certain UK mains water supplies can lead to mineral induced corrosion and the Claris Prime filter provides a solution for these ‘problem sites’.”

Furthermore, this brand’s new Conserv 75S RO system has been designed to prevent both corrosion and scale formation in combi ovens and small steamers. It uses what is said to be a high efficiency membrane that produces less waste water than other RO-based solutions. The system also features a calcite feeder cartridge and blending valve which Aqua Cure believes is necessary because the dissolved minerals that cause scale build up are generally alkaline.

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According to Stephenson: “Though removing these minerals reduces scale build-up, the resultant reduction in alkalinity can cause feed water to become excessively acidic which can, in turn, lead to corrosion. The calcite feeder cartridge and blending valve balance the pH of the feed water, providing a solution to both scale formation and corrosion in one compact package.”

He emphasised: “Water filtration generally is not just about improving machine reliability but also about optimising machine efficiency and obtaining the best quality end product. A comparatively thin layer of scale on a heating element can dramatically affect its efficiency while chlorine and other contaminants in mains water can impair the flavour of coffee, beverages and ice.”

Detailing that the Pentair Everpure Claris Ultra system can also prevent corrosion and scale build up in speciality coffee, ice and vending applications, he revealed that the wider family of Claris filter cartridges all fit the same filter head, which should make it easy to change a cartridge if a site’s requirements change.

Stephenson further added: “By offering external sales support and taking the time to understand each account by providing each customer with a dedicated account manager, we’re always able to advise on the best water treatment solution for a given set of requirements.”

These steps help the supplier to manage its relationships with dealers, which are founded on the cornerstone of promoting the message that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. “What works in a given application in one geographic area might not work for the same application elsewhere in the country due to variations in regional water types,” said Richardson. “As such we always encourage operators and distributors to contact us so that we can take steps to identify the local water type and any additional issues, such as the presence of chlorides or sulphates.”

Over at Brita Professional, it feels its team are water experts which know the science of water and what it means for businesses. Director of sales, Steve Buckmaster, revealed: “We share our expertise for mutual benefits by working with dealers and distributors to identify the best solutions for end users.

Brita Professional’s water filters can help protect against scale damage in coffee machines.

“We have a specialist water sommelier and advanced research and development team in Germany that can help diagnose and assist with any water queries our distributors may have.”

Outlining that the firm offers water training and ongoing consultancy for distributors, Buckmaster added: “We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to support and educate our distributors on the effect water has on the catering industry and how filters can help operators deliver quality food and beverages consistently, with the assurance that their machinery is protected against scale damage.”

As Brita specialises in water filtration only, the firm feels that its heritage, innovation and expertise makes its filters unique.

“Our purpose is to make it easier for our customers to get the best results from their water,” said Buckmaster. “Our expertise means we understand each of our customers’ needs and work with them to deliver a solution that’s right for their business. Take our Purity C Steam as an example. This filter was developed specifically for the catering sector to deliver optimised water for the best quality food and drinks and to protect kitchen equipment.”

Additionally, the company’s filters are designed to be 100% recyclable and, through its Zero to Landfill certification, it has already recycled over 1.7m cartridges.

Buckmaster underlined: “We understand that catering businesses completely depend on their equipment, whether that’s a combi oven, water dispenser or a coffee machine. Water filters improve machine longevity and optimise high performance by reducing limescale build-up and deposits of unwanted minerals.

“By guarding against potential damage, businesses can help to prevent costly machine breakdowns and improve the dependability of equipment when they need it most. To give operators peace of mind that their equipment is always protected from scale, we can plan filter exchanges so that the work is carried out on time and within budget, so that the kitchen remains profitable.

“Our products are designed to produce the best filtered water for food and beverage preparation by reducing particles, metals, minerals and chlorine that have an unfavourable impact on the taste, appearance and aroma.”

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