Araven completes its container range with its new 2/1 gastronorms

version with a perforated base that is ideal for thawing out processes 2 crop
Araven’s new 2/1 gastronorm containers are available in a perforated base version that is suitable for use in thawing processes.

Spanish firm Araven has launched gastronorm 2/1 food containers, aimed specifically at large-volume, industrial catering customers, hotels or food industries.

This new line of 70- and 90-litre capacity containers is said to offer an optimal design for thawing processes.

The containers are available in high-density polyethylene – more suitable for freezing and thawing – or ABS. They should withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +90ºC, are hygienic and designed with rounded edges for ease of cleaning, handling, nesting and stacking.

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Furthermore the GN 2/1 wheeled platform can move the containers from one place to another.

Both sizes have a version with a perforated base that is suitable for speeding up thawing out processes and ensuring that thawed liquids do not accumulate with the food.

The corrugated design of the base should reduce the area that comes into contact with the product, and thus minimise the risk of bacterial growth, as well as preserving all of the food’s organoleptic properties (taste and aroma).

The smooth and perforated-base containers combine together so that the former can be used to collect liquids or juices from foodstuffs and prevent them from contaminating other food. This specially designed kit for thawing large batches of raw materials also has a lid to avoid contamination risk.

With a permanent integrated label that forms part of the container itself, operators can use Araven’s marker pen to record all the details needed to identify each batch. This system should eliminate sticking and tearing off paper labels and should leave no marks after washing.

The ‘colorclips’, a set of tabs in four different colours, are an additional feature, allowing the different types of foodstuffs in each container to be identified and helping to prevent cross-contamination.

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