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Water is increasingly integral to the catering industry: 98% of a simple cup of coffee consists of water, for example, while water-based foodservice equipment continues to take an ever more important role in the market.

One company with a central role to play in all this is Aqua Cure, the Southport-based specialist in water filtration products for commercial kitchens.

Aqua Cure has been hard at work looking at ways to better meet their customers’ ever-increasing demands, but what isn’t widely as known is that the company has recently added filter installation and servicing partners to its portfolio, as well as a raft of interesting new products to the range.

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Having received multiple requests from the foodservice industry, Aqua Cure felt the time was right to appoint external service partner resources.

This means it can easily arrange the installation or service of all types of water filtration equipment on behalf of trade customers which may require support due to geographic or workload constraints.

Aqua Cure is enabling customers to put water quality high on the list while taking away some of the complications associated with specification, installation and filter replacement.

This can only benefit the market by ensuring machines are better protected and, perhaps more importantly for many, that the water quality is second to none — especially as providing crisper, cleaner tasting drinks, food and ice can influence repeat business.

Supermarket giant solves scale woes

The Everpure Claris and Claris Ultra distributed by Aqua Cure offer excellent levels of filtration for various equipment types in hard water areas thanks to the use of advanced scale control technology, which is patented in the case of Ultra.

An increasing number of catering equipment manufacturers are approving and recommending that Everpure’s products be used with their machines, especially in the convection oven arena.

Stuart Godfrey, business development manager at Aqua Cure, says that one of ‘big four’ UK supermarkets has had so much success from using Claris on their bakery ovens for the past few years that they are now negotiating to fit Everpure products onto all ice machines, coffee-making equipment and any other water-based equipment in every store.

“We’re still supplying product into the service provider, as you’d expect, but it’s through a joint venture with Everpure that we are negotiating the deal directly with the supermarket,” he explained.

“Winning the contract is priority number one, with service companies already in place to fit the filters, change them and make a profit from it. It’s a great win for us and a major blow to the competitor whose filters will all be switched out and recycled to recover raw materials.”

Godfrey says that one of the county’s highest profile coffee chains has selected Claris Ultra to be used on an upcoming range of direct use machines they’ll be fitting at various sites across the country.

“Claris Ultra still puts scale control at the top of the agenda and, uniquely, builds in corrosion protection while giving optimal water quality for taste. Not only are the coffee chain happy their associated life of machine costs have dropped but their customers are benefitting from a better tasting beverage leading to increased sales,” said Godfrey.

He added that it is also quite important to note that these high street names are supplied via Aqua Cure, as Everpure’s master distributor, so they can reap the benefits of high quality service and next-day deliveries, while still receiving an extremely competitive price to reflect the large numbers involved.

Taking the total water management approach

Aqua Cure has also added Everpure’s reverse osmosis (R.O.) range to its portfolio to improve the “total water management” package they can offer to their client base.

Godfrey insists that water shouldn’t be treated with a broad stroke.

“Too often we hear that operators are fitting one filter across their whole machine base based upon poor advice. Any impartial water treatment expert will tell you this is damaging to a considerable percentage of the equipment it’s treating,” he said.

“Therefore we want to help the market understand how cost of life of the equipment can be decreased and water quality increased. Everpure’s R.O. range was the next logical step due to the control it allows over the quality of water being produced.”

New partnerships bear fruit

With the Aqua Cure and Everpure relationship going from strength to strength, the focus for Aqua Cure in 2014 is to continue developing the “one-stop-shop” approach that has made it so successful in the water cooler and vending markets.

The company now offers the new portfolio of Byotrol cleaning products, which it says have already reduced one operator’s range of cleaning products from 24 to six. Installation components are still high on the list and the partnership with Honeywell continues to grow, protecting machines from pressure fluctuations and more.

As an established filtration supplier with a strong next-day delivery service and easily available expertise, Aqua Cure’s goal is to put the customer first and meet their differing requirements.

For more information on the changes at Aqua Cure, including links to more technical information on the aforementioned products please click here.

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