Cooking equipment specialist MKN has reached its 70th year in business, and renowned chefs around the world have congratulated the manufacturer on this milestone.

Anton Mosimann (OBE) said: “To everyone at MKN, we wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday.

“It happens to be my 70th Birthday next year so I am delighted to be able to share Birthday celebrations with you.

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“We continue to enjoy working with MKN equipment and it was an absolute pleasure to see the factory during the production process of our stove.

“The UK team also provide great service to us.”

Well-known German chef, Johann Lafer, also added his voice to the plaudits: “Due to the outstanding quality of hardware and technology alike, MKN definitely contributes to a chef’s success.

“The cost effectiveness and efficiency which you can achieve clearly show this. For this reason, I personally have a lot to owe to MKN.

“Innovation, efficiency and service are just of few of the features which make MKN stand out.

“Our relationship isn’t only built on business but also works well on a personal level and I’m very happy about this.

“So, I gladly take the opportunity to wish MKN all the very best for the future and really look forward to continue working with them.”

Famous Indian chef Hemant Oberoi added: “MKN is a brand I have used for over two decades.

“The quality of products and efficiency is unparallel and amazing. The after sales service is superb.

“I have always been happy with the product, and I will continue to patronise MKN equipment.”