Andrew Nisbet rises in Sunday Times Rich List alongside entering Giving List

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Andrew Nisbet made it onto the Sunday Times Rich List once again.

Andrew Nisbet, the founder of catering equipment supplier giant, Nisbets, has climbed this year’s Sunday Times Rich List, which was published yesterday.

In this year’s analysis of the top 1,000 wealthy individuals in the UK, Nisbet and his family ranked as 265th, up from last year’s equal 268th placing. Accordingly the Rich List estimated the Nisbet wealth as £525m, rising from the previous year’s £500m.

However, the latest published figure is based on 2018’s accounts for Key West Holdings, Nisbets’ parent company, and does not reflect the financial impact of the current coronavirus crisis.

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A spokesperson for Key West Holdings, said: “The industry is going through a historically difficult period at the moment, and it would be difficult for these figures to reflect the current challenges that the retail and hospitality industries are facing.”

Nisbet and his family also made a first appearance on the Sunday Times’ Giving List, chronicling the amount given to charity by the UK’s top 200 philanthropists.

Out of the £525m of the family’s reported wealth, they donated £2m over the course of the last year, with the main beneficiary sectors recorded as youth, education, unemployment and social.

Donations were made through the Nisbet Trust, which supports projects and initiatives in the Bristol community and the south west.

The Nisbets company revenue was £398.1m for the 12 months to 31 December 2018, with 2019’s results yet to be published on Companies House.

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  1. The same day they write to all there staff and tell them to expect mass redundancy next Tuesday as they look to offload 99 roles in the business.

    1. My mum was bullied out her job as a retail assistant in nisbets Norwich. She’s in her 40s and they sent this store manager from York store to ‘investigate’ a greivance she made. When mum made the greivance staff set on her and she was forced out her job. Some kid store manager in York half mums age, thought she could bully my mum out her career and loose her livelihood . Mum reported discrimination . Everyone just laughed at mum for it and they all ganged it against her . It’s sickening. Nisbets then got a solicitor to bully mum . Please don’t support nisbets.
      Equality act means nothing to nisbets.

  2. Exactly, all the people who we’re giving it large about the company expanding credit terms have suddenly gone quiet!

    1. Redundancies to 800 staff, when employ only 2,000 blaming lockdown, And saying upped in countries rich list at same time !! Mind boggling. Also claiming redundant staff who can’t pay rent now are ‘supportive and encouraging’ of nisbets for their redundancies , is nisbets delusional thinking.

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