Adexa rapped by courts again over customer service

The Tannery broken food processor crop
Part of the Adexa food processor which broke after one usage at The Tannery bar and restaurant near Halifax.

Web-based catering equipment dealer Adexa Direct has fallen foul of the court system again, following a ruling against the firm for charging ‘restocking fees’ towards the end of last year.

This time, the Croydon-headquartered firm has been ordered by HM Courts & Tribunals’ Money Claim Online service to refund a £760.80 order plus £30 in legal fees to The Tannery restaurant and bar in Hipperholme, Halifax.

This was after The Tannery’s owner, Jack Reeder, didn’t receive part of an equipment order he placed on 3 May 2021, and an appliance that was delivered proved to be defective.

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The order included food warming lamps, a double electric fryer, a hand blender, a food processor and a handwash sink, all badged under the Adexa brand.

Reeder told Catering Insight: “The hand wash sink never came. The food processor with blender arrived and broke same day; they agreed to collect and refund but this never happened.”

“After multiple phone calls to Adexa it was clear they had no intention of supplying or refunding me for a number of the items. I gave them an ultimatum, refund for the products not supplied or faulty, or I’d take them to the small claims court.”

He subsequently had to contact Money Claim Online to make a claim, with the Northampton-headquartered County Court Business Centre ruling in The Tannery’s favour on 22 June.

The HM Courts & Tribunals’ service instructed Adexa to pay costs no later than 30 June, or face court enforcement such as a county court judgement. The web dealer settled in full on 23 June.

Adexa didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

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  1. When will consumers realise? When will poor dealers/distributors be finally held accountable for their poor ethics? Its the same old over and over again. The more customers pursue them, the sooner this type of activity will be brought to an end.

  2. my sympathy for tight fisted customers has long run out
    you try and advise them that the cheapest is not always the best
    but they do not listen to the experts, “the internet” is always king
    buy cheap pay thrice
    no sympathy whatsoever up in here…

  3. I got my money back from these crooks via a Mastercard chargeback.
    Repeated attempts to give me refund were ignored, as they hid behind a ‘parts only warranty’. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is clear that this is not good enough,.

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