As combi ovens continue to become more technologically advanced, accordingly so have the integrated systems to clean them.

For instance, Italian manufacturer Unox actually produces its own filters for its models: the Unox.Pure water filter or the Unox.Pure-RO (reverse osmosis).

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According to Unox Service Solutions’ technical manager, Mick Hough: “The Unox.Pure filtering system improves the water quality by significantly reducing the carbonate hardness, thus avoiding scale deposits inside the oven.

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“The reverse osmosis filtering system reduces the carbonate hardness of the water to zero and filters metal ions such as lead and copper and filters any solid particles.

“In addition, the reverse osmosis unit has a built in pump that can compensate for a lack of pressure in the water supply.”

Unox’s latest Mind.Maps models monitor water consumption and will advise the user when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

However, Hough cautioned: “We would always recommend that the filters are installed and exchanged by a Unox authorised service partner in order to ensure a correct installation.”

The manufacturer offers regular training sessions for its dealers and service partners to ensure the long term upkeep of its ovens.