Phil Meekin, head of marketing at insolvency specialists, Wilson Field, details how catering equipment dealers and manufacturers can keep their cash flow on an even keel and stave off the threat of liquidation.

Running any business can be challenging. Businesses in the catering equipment industry are no exception.

As distributors and in some cases manufacturers, you are operating in a mixed market, supplying from the smallest food outlet to the largest food preparation factories, from swish hotels to prisons and schools.

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Anywhere that food is being prepared, manufactured or processed needs equipment, whether that be simple tools to whole production lines, from walk-in refrigeration units to simple microwave ovens.

Productivity seems to be a fashionable buzzword. It has always existed – in simple terms it means optimising the use of time and resources in your business. And it often also involves investing.

Organisations which run efficiently will provide better service and have better margins, resulting in competitive pricing.

Prompt service and delivery are a ‘must’ in this line of business, as too is tracking stock levels and deliveries.