The UK chapter of consultant association FCSI is to meet in London on 23 August in order to announce a new chairperson and group of trustees.

A clear strategy for the way forward will also be defined at the event, following the disbanding of the local chapter last December.

The movement to resurrect the UK branch began in earnest on 5 July, when the chapter held a meeting of its professional consultant members in London.

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The meeting was well attended by members and chaired by Ken Winch, fellow of the FCSI.

On the agenda was a range of topics, including membership; the FCSI’s role in the foodservice sector; the initial stages of appointing a new chairperson and group of trustees; allied members, and the way forward.

There was a strong consensus amongst the professional members that the FCSI is a trusted and highly regarded professional body within the foodservice sector and has an important role to play.

The overwhelming view reported was that the FCSI needs to stand for professional consultancy and work closer with other trade bodies such as CEDA, CESA and ACE.

All the of professional members in attendance are said to have expressed gratitude to the allied members and agreed there is a role for them to play within the UK and Ireland chapter going forward.