Every commercial kitchen design and installation generates a unique set of challenges for catering equipment distributors and dealers.

But there are some that go that extra mile when it comes to specifying and outfitting a project.

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Therefore, the Catering Insight Power List annual supplement category of Project Pioneers is dedicated to recognising the leading edge project managers, designers and installers in the catering equipment industry.

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These proud project ‘parents’ manage, co-ordinate and deliver their catering area schemes to perfection and are never satisfied with second best.

Their creative flair is second to none, at the same time as demonstrating excellent organisational skills.

Dealing with the multifarious challenges a kitchen outfit can throw at them, from unexpected equipment dimensions to difficult to access sites, only brings the best out of these intrepid 10 people.

They are the leaders of smaller distributors, who have hands-on involvement with everything in their companies from inception to installation, right through to the specialist project managers and designers of larger firms.

But all are equally deserving of the ‘pioneer’ title, ensuring that every commercial kitchen that they design and outfit will delight operators all over the country and will last for years to come.

This year’s special specifiers are:

Kevin Tyson, project manager, Space Catering
Mike Sinclair, design director, Catering Design Group
Bryn Clark, service director, BI Catering Equipment Services
Graham Bean, national design director, Lockhart Catering Equipment
Cathy Wilcox, managing director, WilcoxBurchmore
Scott Walker, project manager, CHR Equipment
Colin Wilson, senior projects manager, CNG Foodservice Equipment
Andy Norfolk, director, Little Duffy
Kevin Slatter, managing director, KCCJ
Jon Wall, project manager, GastroNorth

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