Glass bottles transformed into sand with novel recycling unit

The new Bottle Glass to Sand BGTS1 glass crusher.

A UK company called Bottle Glass to Sand is hoping to revolutionise glass bottle recycling in the hospitality industry with the BGTS1 glass bottle to sand reduction unit.

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Designed to reduce glass waste in the wake of increasing regulation in waste production and handling, the BGTS unit allows all standard trade glass beer, wine, champagne, spirits bottles and even jars to be reduced from bulky glass into safe to handle sand ‘in seconds’, also freeing up storage space in confined areas.

Operators are said to be able to easily use the unit, and it should reduce the risk of cuts and lifting injuries from handling heavy back bar bottle bins.

Usually sited in-house, the unit has what is designed to be a compact footprint, and features little noise in operation. Bottle Glass to Sand says the unit can be sited in almost any location with a standard three-pin plug socket.

With an estimated 90% of the glass volume being reduced, the sand can be emptied into waste bins or skips, said to save operators waste glass removal costs. The manufacturer also feels the crusher puts an end to glass waste overspill, and reduces offensive odours and insect blight.




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