Catering Equipment Ltd chills with dedicated Dometic site

The Dometic Cool Wine fridges are some of the products on Catering Equipment Ltd’s new dedicated website.

Supplier, Catering Equipment Limited, has launched a dedicated website for the Dometic cooling equipment it provides.

The site will showcase Cool Ice passive coolers, a coolbox which is designed to keep food and drinks chilled when temperatures soar. Also on the site are Tropicool small lightweight coolers, Coolfreeze portable fridge freezers for food storage and delivery and Cool Wine fridges for serving and storing wine at the ideal temperature.

Some of the equipment can be used as hot holding appliances to maintain temperature or warm food and drink as well.

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To celebrate the launch, the Birmingham-based supplier is offering 10% discounts off the list price, while an extra 5% discount off list price with the coupon code “Extra5%” is valid until 30 September.




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